|4 December 2015|

The Scottish government is committed to supporting the renewables industry innovate and grow to boost the economy and help tackle climate change.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon will join leaders at the UN Climate Change talks in Paris where she will highlight the impact Scotland’s renewables industry is making in contributing to the fight to tackle climate change.

She said: “Global leaders are gathering in Paris for the international climate change summit. I’ll be speaking at a number of events there on Monday. And I’ll be making it clear that Scotland is absolutely committed to tackling climate change and promoting climate justice.

“In many ways, in fact, we are setting the benchmark the international community needs to match. We are on course to achieve our 42% emissions reduction target for 2020 – which is among the most testing in the world. In fact, since 1990 we have outperformed the UK as a whole and the EU average for emissions reductions.

“Advances in how we produce and use energy are central to that, and it’s important to acknowledge just how much we have already achieved.

“I can guarantee that we will continue to give the renewable sector the support it needs in order to innovate and succeed.”