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Green data centre a ‘game changer’


The world’s largest data centre – powered by 100% renewable energy – is to be built 140 miles from the Arctic Circle.

Norwegian-American firm, Kolos, is behind the venture, which could open as early as next year. It will be located in Ballangen, Norway, and get its energy from the country’s wind and hydropower to ‘scale beyond 1,000 megawatts of computing power’. The secure facility will also be surrounded by a moat.

Havard Lillebo, co-CEO of Kolos, said: “We analyzed locations around the world and identified Ballangen as unique, due to Norway’s competitive green energy, the country’s cool climate and its large technical workforce, as well as access to international high-performance fiber and the site’s secure moated property.”

Servicing the international data market, the pioneering facility will be a ‘four-storey structure integrated into the natural environment’ and stretch over 600,000 square meters.

“The Kolos project will be the largest data centre in the world, and one completely powered by hydroelectric and wind power. This is the game changer that will serve as a model for the industry to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate reliance on fossil fuels,” added Paul Janson, President and COO of US  investment bank Headwaters MB, which is advising project stakeholders on how to secure additional capital for the Ballangen initiative.


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