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Google and E.ON sign solar deal


A US solar energy initiative from Google is being launched in Europe for the first time.

The Sunroof platform is being introduced to the German market through a partnership with E.ON. The digital system has the potential to bring solar energy to seven million German buildings.

It works by harnessing Google Earth, Maps, and machine learning technology. By simply inputting their address online, people can find out the solar potential of their homes and receive a plan for how to deliver it.

Software producer Tetraeder joins the pair in a project that calculates how much sun is likely to hit a specific location and the corresponding costs of using solar energy. Any shortfall in the calculations will be compensated by E.ON.

“With Sunroof, we are able to digitize sales of solar systems more intensively and thereby increase the appeal of photovoltaics. It clearly demonstrates the potential benefits of digitalization for the ongoing shift in energy production. Along with Sunroof and E.ON SolarCloud, we will be developing additional digital products in order to offer our customers the highest degree of independence and security through E.ON solar systems,” says Karsten Wildberger, COO of E.ON.

Philipp Justus, Vice President of Google in Germany and Central Europe, added: “Google has been relying on renewable energy sources for many years in supplying the needs of its own infrastructure and beyond. With Sunroof our goal is to encourage more people tapping into the potential found in their own rooftops.”

Potential customers in Germany can find out more about the savings they could make by clicking here.

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