The European Parliament has said yes to ambitious EU targets on clean energy.

By 2030 a minimum 32% of the Union’s energy consumption will need to be from renewable sources. In addition, 14% of transport fuels will also have to come from renewable sources.

“We want a carbon-free economy by 2050. This is a step which allows us to respect the Paris climate accord, help reduce emissions and rise to the challenges facing humanity,” said José Blanco López, a Spanish MEP.

There was also praise from industry.

“We are pleased with the European Parliament’s voting result. As expected, the Parliament supports the EU-wide overall target of 32% for renewables in 2030, and the binding target of minimum 14% for renewables in transport in 2030. This clearly indicates that the European Union takes climate change seriously, and it has ambition to increase the use of renewable energy in transport,” added Ilkka Räsänen, Director of Public Affairs at Neste.