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Go circular in 2019

Are you keen to get active in the circular economy next year?

Then we want to remind readers about the global screening of the Closing the Loop documentary on the circular economy planned for next March. Not only can you get involved in watching, or even screening, the work directed by award-winning filmmaker, Graham Sheldon, and co-produced and presented by internationally renowned sustainability expert, Professor Wayne Visser, you can also join the Circular Economy Club (CEC) which is lending its support to maximise the audience that sits down to watch it between March 4-10, 2019. Tapping into its presence in more than 100 countries the CEC is an open community powered by people committed to advancing the circular economy.

“The CEC’s global screening of ‘Closing the Loop’ aims to raise awareness worldwide,” said Anna Tarí, CEC Founder. “It’s through the evocative medium of film that we hope to inspire and educate audiences globally, and invite everyone to join the circular revolution.”

Check out the CEC website for screening details.


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