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‘Globally-unique solar energy system’

A pioneering facility in Denmark has the dual purpose of providing citizens with sustainable heating from solar energy – and soon power from biomass.

Renewable energy company Aalborg CSP says its concentrated solar power (CSP) plant is a ‘globally-unique solar energy system’. It gives heat to the city of Brønderslev and later this year it will also supply power through a biomass-fuelled organic rankine cycle (ORC) system on the site.

The 26,929m2 CSP plant has been in operation since late last year but only reached full capacity recently with the start of Spring. Forty rows of 125m U-shaped mirrors capture energy from the sun and filter it through an innovative system to generate heat for the area.

Aalborg CSP has hailed the ‘world’s first CSP system combined with a biomass-ORC plant’ which has been subsidised by the Danish Government’s Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP).

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