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Glasgow smiles better on plastics


A new super market opened yesterday on Glasgow’s Southside offers customers ‘fill your own plastic-free shopping’.

At Locavore you can get what you want without the guilt of buying it in single-use plastic packaging; just pop in and fill up on a whole range of items – including staples like milk. Funding of £100,000 was provided by Zero Waste Scotland – with backing from the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – to make the project possible.


“It was fantastic to visit Locavore to launch its new range of packaging-free goods and see for myself how customers can come back again and again for essential items, thanks to the use of refillable containers. My parents used to live in this area and would have loved this shop and its products which are all locally-sourced,” said Roseanna Cunningham  Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform. “It’s ideas like this that are at the heart of the Scottish Government’s Making Things Last Strategy, which looks to develop our circular economy and protect our environment by keeping products in use as much as possible.”


Glasgow is an urban leader in circularity, with a number of pioneers in the city and surrounding area developing new sustainability solutions: making beer from bread for example; while Scotland as a whole is one of the leading circular economy nations.

Zero Waste Scotland wants to support more ideas like Locavore – through a £1million fund – to reduce the scourge of single-use packaging.

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