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Genomics heralds a twenty first century paradigm shift for what constitutes healthcare.

This week the American Heart Association released a statement saying it set to revolutionise cardiovascular care.

“The promise of genomic medicine is to be able to use a patient’s specific genetic material to make a personalised forecast of their risk for heart disease, and if they develop disease, predict its course and determine the particular medications that are more likely to help with their disease,” said Dr Kiran Musunuru, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine and genetics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. “Over the next decade, as we learn about cardiovascular disease at the molecular level, the hope is that we can develop therapies that will take advantage of this knowledge and be able to either treat or potentially cure disease.

The era of precision medicine is being built on advances in genomics, an area which has featured regularly on these pages for its potential to achieve game changing breakthroughs, like eliminating deadly parasitic diseases and pioneering individual healthcare solutions.

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