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Get back on the SDG train

Talking about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a great way to mainstream global targets that we all need to contribute to.

And our impact comms lead, Carlotta De Toni, is continuing her Instagram journey through all 17 SDGs after a busy week covering the global food innovation summit, Seeds&Chips, in Milan.

Join her by sharing your ideas and aspirations for how we can achieve the SDGs.

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Let’s go back to our SDG journey ➡️Excellent example of startups working towards the achievement of the SDGs is @pollinateenergy. This social business is improving thousands of lives in the poorest regions of India. They provide renewable-energy powered products like solar lanterns to families for a price of $30 that they can pay over the course of 5 weeks. This allows families to save money they would otherwise spend in buying kerosene; children to study after sunset, and they contribute to creating a safer and healthier environment. People from the area are recruited and trained to become Pollinators, thus helping the local communities to access and understand what Pollinate Energy has to offer. This project has been one of the winners at @startupenergytransition Awards 2018 in the category SDG7. Pollinate Energy is now also providing environmentally friendly cookstoves, water filter systems, wind fans and smartphones. Pollinate Energy is now joining forces with Empower Generation, a company empowering women to power communities with clean energy. Together they hope to have an even bigger impact on marginalized communities. As Mr @thimo_valentin from Bayer Foundation says: “Think like an activist, act like a scientist: start a business to save the world and contribute to a higher mission”. This is what our magazine is all about: showcasing innovations that are here to make an impact! #startup #sdgs #sdg #sustainabledevelopment #energy #power #cleanenergy #india #renewableenergy #renewables #money #children #study #education #healthy #environment #recruiting #community #project #setawards #sdg7 #water #smartphone #women #empowerment #bayer #magazine #eu

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