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Genomics advances precision medicine


Advances in genomics are key to unlocking the era of precision medicine.

And the institution that pioneered developments in single cell genomics technology, used to ‘read the genetic blueprints of cells’, has announced ‘several key enhancements’. America’s Bigelow Laboratory’s Single Cell Genomics Center has revealed a new range of cost-effective services that are ‘widely accessible to research and industrial communities’.

“During the past decade, single cell genomics has evolved from science fiction to a trusted tool for biological research into subjects as diverse as the ecology of the ocean, the evolution of life, and the health of humans,” said Ramunas Stepanauskas, director of the center and a senior research scientist at Bigelow Laboratory.

“These developments and the new services they enable continue to grow the power and utility of this technology to aid researchers in their quest to understand the microbes that drive the planet and its health. We are also increasingly seeing biomedical researchers utilizing our technology, opening a new door to possible improvements in human health.”

Genomics is paving the way for precision medicine.

An international team of scientists recently confirmed a breakthrough using genomics that could lead to the elimination of a deadly parasitic disease. While a world-leading biomedical centre in Qatar is using IBM technologies to manage genome sequencing data for the development of individual healthcare solutions.


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