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Gender wake-up call for startups

Startups are making slow progress when it comes to gender parity, according to a new report.

The Women in Technology Leadership 2019 report from the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) draws on feedback from tech and healthcare executives working in leading innovation hubs, including the UK, US and China.  It shows that only 56% of startups include ‘at least one woman in an executive position, and only 40% have at least one woman on the board of directors’. While positive change is happening – it is not happening quickly enough.

“We have measured gender parity in startup leadership since 2014 and the numbers continue to be concerning. We must do better,” said Greg Becker, CEO of Silicon Valley Bank. “There is, however, a bright spot in that startups are recognising the pressing need to be more proactive; 59% now have programs in place to help close the gender gap. While there is still a great deal of work to be done, we believe that the innovation economy is making progress and sees that increasing gender diversity as an important way to attract skilled talent, one of the biggest challenges facing startups.”

Read the full report, and add your voice this #InternationalWomensDay to call on startup ecosystems to step up their game using hashtag #StartupOutlook

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