|24 November 2015|

City leaders need to prepare for the age of autonomous vehicles, according to new survey results released today by the World Economic Forum.

Planning for the revolutionary impact of disruptive technology becoming a reality demands a collaborative approach. And this will certainly be needed as the era of self driving vehicles (SDVs) is fast approaching.

The World Economic Forum conducted interviews with over 20 city policy-makers and transport authorities from cities such as Dubai, Helsinki, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore and Toronto about their expectations for SDVs. The survey showed that most city authorities believe that applications like shared self-driving vehicles are coming very quickly and will have the potential to be the last-mile solution for public transport.

“Many cities aren’t yet seeing how the programmes of today, such as car sharing and smart parking, might provide an essential backbone for shared self-driving vehicle programmes in the future,” said Alex Mitchell, head of the Automotive Industry at the World Economic Forum.

For cities that have started planning, trials with SDVs are often the first step to test their impact on urban mobility. Such trials are ongoing in Singapore, and are under way in Gothenburg, (Sweden) and Milton Keynes (UK).

Mark Fields, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company, welcomed the results. He said “These survey results reinforce the opportunity we see for autonomous vehicles to be part of the solution as the urban transportation model is redefined. They also highlight the importance of the private and public sectors working together to shape an innovative future for mobility.”

To view the survey results, click here.