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IBIOIC 25.5.16


Innovative zero-waste technology developed in Scotland could halve the production costs of the protein used by meat-free market leaders like Quorn and provide a major solution to the challenges of a growing global population.

3f bio – a technology spin-out company from the University of Strathclyde – is pioneering tech capable of slashing the production costs of mycoprotein: the protein source in Quorn, the branded global market leader in a rapidly expanding meat-free sector.

The spin-out company was established to develop and commercialise novel and patented zero-waste technology for large-scale integrated production of Food, Fuel and Feed.

It is the first industrial user of the Rapid Bio facility in the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) in Glasgow and 3f’s technology and commercial development plans are closely aligned with the strategy of IBioIC and the circular economy in achieving Scotland’s National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology.

Central to that plan is internationalisation.

Our latest edition looked at why Scotland is becoming a world leader in industrial biotechnology and it is clear a culture of global collaboration is underpinning the success of this innovative nation.

3fbio is a prime example of the game-changing companies existing in Scotland. Its technology transforms the production economics for the meat-free food product mycoprotein through integrated production within existing large-scale biorefineries. There are more than 300 biorefineries in Europe and the US alone so this allows for global replicability and future access to emerging markets.



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