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Future-proof your city

The European Green Capital Network’s Future-Proof Toolkit aims to inspire cities to follow in the footsteps of the continent’s best exemplars of sustainability.

With a network consisting of all the European Green Capital Award winners and finalists, an initiative backed by the European Commission, the Toolkit shares their lessons and tips to inspire other cities to act. The case studies feature include: ‘Oslo’s storm-water management strategy, Nijmegen’s citizen-led approach to reducing flood risk, Hamburg’s plans to build 100 hectares of green roofs, and Lisbon’s green infrastructure programme’. The resource presents the entire story of each, not just the positive elements, but the challenges each faced on the ground, whether ‘political, administrative or related to public perception’.

The first in a series of five, the Future-Proof Toolkit also has videos and links to information sources that can provide support for those working to advance the sustainability agenda. Working together as communities is a key theme, along with harnessing ‘nature-based solutions’ and ensuring ‘access to nature’.

In the example of Lisbon, the Toolkit states: “The allotment gardens, bike-friendly infrastructure, open gyms and ecological corridors help encourage active modes of transport, decrease environmental impacts, and simply provide residents, workers and tourists with a more attractive and liveable city, while enabling Lisbon to adapt to climate change and become future-proof.”

The Network is showing European cities that their sustainable ambitions can be realised ‘through natural interventions and an inclusive approach.


The Network is hosting a webinar on 22 May to support the launch of the Toolkit, ‘open for any cities and other interested parties looking to learn from the experiences of the Network in future-proofing their cities’. Register here for the event.

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