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Foundation seeks fashion solutions


The C&A Foundation is looking for data-driven innovations that can weave greater accountability and transparency into the Brazilian apparel industry.

Through its Brazilian office, the Instituto C&A, the non-profit has launched an initiative designed to create ‘systematic changes’ within the country’s fashion industry.

“We are looking for innovative ways to improve working conditions in the fashion industry in Brazil. Transparency can contribute a great deal by disseminating reliable and publicly accessible information and by encouraging accountability, making working conditions a priority in the sector,” explained Giuliana Ortega, Executive Director of the Brazilian C&A Foundation, Instituto C&A.

The new Request for Proposals (RFP) is open to international organisations that can “increase accountability in the apparel industry through more transparent and traceable supply chains through the disclosure and dissemination of data and information” with a focus on Brazil.

A budget of around US$400,000 is available to support up to three proposals, with a maximum of $180,000 going to each. The deadline for submitting ideas is Sunday 11 March, and they can be emailed in either Portuguese or English to – using the subject line: Proposta Edital Transparência 2018.

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