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From eggless mayo to lab-grown meat


A billion dollar food tech company famed for its eggless mayo is turning its attention to the burgeoning clean meat industry.

Hampton Creek – a champion of sustainable product development – will use the latest technology to make meat and fish ‘but without the animal’.

In a Linkedin post, CEO and Founder Josh Tetrick said: “Over the past year, we’ve started the early work of expanding our platform to solve the technical challenges of scalable clean meat. Clean meat and seafood are made from cells instead of live, confined animals.” He said the company will produce “clean and sustainable meat and seafood” “without confining or slaughtering a single animal and with a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions and water use”.

Bruce Friedrich, Good Food Institute Executive Director, added: “Clean meat is one of the most exciting innovations of our age, and we have the technical ability to make it a reality. The science has been demonstrated. We just need to scale up production to bring down prices to make this product commercially viable for the mass market. The entry of a billion-dollar company into the clean meat market sector is a vote of confidence in the technology, and we hope that Hampton Creek will be the first of many major food companies to dive into this incredibly promising field.”

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