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Frankfurt gets flavour for biotech


Frankfurt will once again be the focus of the bioflavour and fragrance world from September 18 to 21.

Scientists from all around the world will discuss cutting-edge bioflavour research, academic and industrial alike at BIOFLAVOUR 2018.

Attendess can expect to get answers to questions including: What is the impact of biotechnology for tomorrow’s flavour and fragrance industry? What are the technological and regulatory challenges for biotech in this eld? Will we be able to design arti cial tru es aroma by biotechnology? How do functional genomics help discriminating between different Cannabis plants used for patients? Can biotechnology make hoppy beers without using hops? What is the impact of synthetic biology on winemaking?

The event takes place from 18 to 21 September.


We will have more on BIOFLAVOUR 2018 in our special edition going out at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology – book your space in that online now.

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