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Ford takes circular road

Ford released its 18th sustainability report today. The carmaker is working to incorporate eco-friendly practices across its business and the report looks at its current record and future strategies to deliver them.

Around 300 of its vehicle parts are made from renewable sources, including natural rubber, cotton, wood, soybeans and jute. And through its partnership with Jose Cuervo, Ford is pioneering research into the use of agave plants to produce sustainable bioplastics that could be used to make car parts.

“Every day, we work to do the right things for our customers, communities and the planet,” explained Kim Pittel, group vice president, sustainability, environment and safety engineering. “Through our integrated sustainability approach, we’re embedding sustainability best practices throughout our company and our supply chain to help make people’s lives better.”

Renault and Audi are two other giants of the industry doing their bit to advance the circular economy.

“The circular economy will be a fundamental principle in the entire value chain at Audi in the future. The vision is to use raw materials in a closed loop wherever possible,” Audi said in its 2016 annual report.

While Renault aligns its manufacturing practices to circular principles.

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