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Food summit secures top billing


The world’s most famous advertising agency is to lend its creative flair to raising awareness about the sustainable food movement.

It was announced today that Saatchi & Saatchi Italy is going to promote this year’s Seeds&Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit held in Milan annually, which Innovators Magazine is a media partner with.

“The fourth edition of Seeds&Chips will have an even greater visibility and international presence. It’s fundamentally important to spread the message that food innovation and sustainability is a global priority. Its connection to climate change, population growth and health care means that events such as Seeds&Chips are pivotal. The Saatchi & Saatchi campaign will give us the opportunity to reach stakeholders and consumers, and in particular young people who are the protagonists of this great change taking place,” said Marco Gualtieri, Founder and Chairman of Seeds&Chips.

Former US President, Barack Obama, was the keynote speaker in 2017. It was his first public appearance since leaving office, which demonstrates the standing of the Milan Summit.

“Seeds&Chips is a fantastic opportunity not only for our country, but for the future of the planet. Everything about the future of the food industry, from production to the application of technology, is of global importance. We are excited to partner with Seeds&Chips and to be promoting this fantastc event” added Simone Masé – CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Italy.

Innovators Magazine will have all the build up to the 2018 instalment of Seeds&Chips, which takes place in Milan between 7 to 10 May. 

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