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Food startups shine

Photo by Paz Arando on Unsplash

Early stage companies reshaping the food industry will take centre stage at this month’s Global Food Summit in Munich. Specifically the eight startups selected for the Startup Audience Award.

“Startups are a decisive factor when it comes to food innovations,” said Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein, Head and Founder of the Global Food Summit. “They are the drivers of the industry. That is why our competition at the Global Food Summit is a very special highlight. 

He added: “This year, highly innovative startups will again be in the final round, covering the topics of smart urban farming, circular food solutions, food waste as resource, biotech and life sciences and measurement of the SDGs. We are looking forward to exciting pitches and wish all finalists every success in Munich.”

The Global Food Summit takes place 23 to 26 March, with the startup element scheduled for the 25th. Tickets can be purchased via the event’s website.

The finalists

MenuTech (DE) – programmed an artificial intelligence (AI) based software that enables hotels and restaurants, caterers or clinics and schools to create the optimal menu for their customers.

Faromatics (ES) – develops systems that simultaneously increase animal welfare and productivity in the livestock farming industry. The “ChickenBoy” is the world’s first ceiling-supported robot that autonomously monitors climate, animal health and equipment in broiler houses. 

Completeorganics (EN) – preserves vegetables through fermentation. Regional organic vegetables are processed seasonally to provide people with a healthy and vegan alternative to industrially produced canned foods.

Knärzje (DE) – Bridal beer made from bread. “Knärzje” comes from the German dialect Hessian and means the end piece of a loaf of bread. Bread that was previously intended for the garbage can goes into the brewing kettle instead, becomes a luxury food and helps to avoid food waste.

Biotrem (PL) – has developed an innovative production process for bio-based tableware and packaging. Using patented technology, a biodegradable disposable tableware is produced from sustainable organic raw materials.

Delicious Data (DE) – offers a demand forecast solution for the problem of planning in the foodservice and catering industry. Their machine learning engine enables kitchen chefs to optimize purchase and production planning to reduce food waste and costs. 

Spoontainable (EN) – produces edible cutlery instead of plastic. Biogenic waste materials from the food industry are processed in a sustainable value chain to produce a 100 percent edible plastic substitute. 

Cepri (DE) – optimizes the breeding of insects as a sustainable alternative for producing animal protein. By establishing a value-added network, vital protein is to be made possible locally and under the aspects of recycling management.

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