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Food innovation fund launched


A Dutch cooperative bank has launched an innovation fund to support young food and agri companies based in America and Western Europe.

Rabobank wants to boost innovation in these areas through its new Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund.

“The fund focuses on companies that are in support of Rabobank’s Banking for Food strategy. This strategy focuses on contributing to food security in the context of a rapidly growing world population, changing demographics and consumption patterns and an increasingly complex food system,” explained Lizette Sint, Global Head of Rabo Private Equity.

As well as financial backing, the startups selected will have access to the bank’s network of experts working in these sectors.

“We consider investments all along the food and agri value chain, with a particular focus on ambitious companies that operate in sectors in which we can optimally leverage the bank’s knowledge and expertise, network and position to help create shareholder value,” added Richard O’Gorman, who leads the investment initiative as part of Rabo Private Equity.


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