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Food innovation and climate change


A growing global population will inevitably place ever greater pressures on the food system and have major implications on climate change. This was one of the areas discussed at this month’s global food innovation summit in Milan.

The Seed and Chips event, which had Barack Obama as its keynote speaker, welcomed international stakeholders to discuss a range of issues relating to the future of the food industry. Climate change and food security were two hot topics, with key initiatives announced during the conference designed to help tackle these huge challenges.

AeroFarms confirmed it is partnering with the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative (100RC), a programme where cities are assigned a Chief Resilience Officer to help coordinate efforts and build partnerships that can make urban centres ‘more food resilient’.

The company specialises in indoor vertical farming technologies, platforms that can be utilised in urban buildings – to produce fruit and veg without sunlight or the need for arable land.

Watch the highlights below and hear from young innovators and industry leaders talk about ‘climate change and the food system’.

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