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An American bank has made a $2 million contribution towards an innovative initiative that provides hundreds of thousands of children in low-income areas with hands-on knowledge of food production.

Wells Fargo is giving the grant to The Kitchen Community (TKC) for the creation of more outdoor Learning Garden Classrooms across the United States. These edible gardens are a space where young students can use what they learn in maths and science to grow and harvest produce.

KTC was founded by  entrepreneur Kimbal Musk and chef Hugo Matheson. It currently reaches 100,000 young learners in America every day.

Tighe Hutchins, national director of TKC, said: “The bank’s contribution empowers TKC to reach its 2020 impact goal of 1000 schools across 10 cities to reach hundreds of thousands more children in low-income areas.

“We’re thrilled to work with Wells Fargo to bring more Learning Gardens to kids across America. We’ll be able to build more Learning Gardens in more cities that connect kids to real food, the natural world, and teach them about a key environmental issue of our time: where their food comes from.”

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