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Food and fitness the sustainable way

It is Recycling Week in the UK. The campaign is striving to reach more than 10 million people and engage them on the importance of disposing a landfill culture.

Raising awareness to the problem of waste is vital if it is to be overcome. And everyone knows roast dinners are rather popular in the UK. So the video below is a good way to connect.

And after a bit of food it is always good to take some exercise. So why not workout at a London gym made from recycled aerosols?

We reported the new recycling innovation in June. Right Guard, owned by Henkel – launched the gym, made with more than 2,500 deodorant cans, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this summer. The new facility was developed in partnership with recycling firm, TerraCycle, and the Great Outdoor Gym Company.

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circular | fashion

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