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Flying on grassoline

|13 April 2017|


Could grass provide the aviation industry with biofuels in the future? Scientists in Belgium think so.

Researchers at Ghent University have developed a way to develop grass into an alternative fuel which could be used by planes. Although at an early stage, and only a few drops in the lab, the process is efficient and could have huge potential if it can be done on an industrial scale.

“Until now, grass has mainly served as feed for animals. We can get more out of grass: due to its vast abundance, it is an attractive source to produce organics such as aviation fuel,” said Way Cern Khor from Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology, who developed ways to ‘disintegrate and bioconvert grass until it can be used as a fuel’ during research at Ghent.

“If we can keep working on optimizing this process, particularly in cooperation with industrial partners, the efficiency will come up and feasibility will follow. And maybe in a few years we can all fly on grass,” he added.

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