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Flexible solar works for rural Africa


A pay as you go off-grid solar energy provider is making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people in rural Africa.

Azuri Technologies has sold more than 100,000 of its home systems, which can be used with a mobile phone to access energy and even television services. And with 17% of the world’s population still without access to electricity, innovations like this are vital to tackle energy poverty and make progress towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal number 7: to provide sustainable energy for all by 2030.

Azuri’s home system gives users access to clean electricity and phone charging for less than they previously spent on kerosene or to top up their mobiles.

Azuri Chief Executive Simon Bransfield-Garth acknowledged the landmark achievement for his company as another step towards its vision to “serve the millions of customers that still lack access to modern electrical services”.

The company also announced recently that a crowd funding effort had raised €160,000. Money that will be used to provide energy to six thousand people in Kenya. Simon praised the funding method as having the “potential to provide a new class of capital for energy access”.


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