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Finns feast for the #CircularEconomy

Christmas dinners in Finland have become a big occasion for the circular economy – really. That’s because renewable fuel giant Neste takes cooking waste fat collected by households and converts it into Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Last year, 185,000 households took part in this ‘Ham Trick’ collecting and recycling the waste, with Neste able to turn it into an amount of fuel that would ‘drive a car around the globe almost 18 times’.

“The Ham Trick proves once again that Finns in all parts of the country are enthusiastic recyclers. Finnish technological expertise related to the circular economy is top-class, and a similar campaign could not be implemented on such a scale anywhere else. I want to thank all our partners and everyone who donated their Christmas waste fat and made this campaign their own. Circular economy is the way of the future”, says Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Technology at Neste.

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