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Finns show circular spirit

Neste smashed its Christmas target to collect ham waste from 100,000 households in Finland and convert into renewable diesel by nearly 50%.

The renewable fuel producer collected around ‘44,000 kg of ham fat’ over the festive period – which is enough raw materials for its Neste MY Renewable Diesel to travel the world 14 times.

“Last year, 40,000 Finnish households took part in our first Ham Trick campaign. The number was a pleasant surprise for us. This year, we set the goal at 100,000 households, and thought that we were setting our sights a bit high. We were astonished to see our goal being exceeded by far. This proves that recycling is valued very greatly in Finland, and people are willing to make an effort,” said Osmo Kammonen, Senior Vice President, Communications and Brand Marketing at Neste.

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