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Finland to enjoy a circular Christmas


Neste plans to collect ham waste from 100,000 households across Finland this Christmas and convert it into renewable diesel.

To achieve this. it has to more than double the 40,000 that took part last year but the company is laying on about 150 collection points, up from 44 in 2016, in a bid to get the job done. The initiative is a creative way to showcase the benefits of the circular economy and will also cut waste and keep the drains and sewers from clogging up.

Talking about the ham trick Osmo Kammonen, Senior Vice President of Communications and Brand Marketing at Neste, said: “Last year’s Ham Trick proved that people in Finland are enthusiastic about recycling, as long as it’s made easy for them. There are far more collection points this year, so the goal of getting 100,000 households to participate is ambitious but realistic. We use this waste fat at our refinery in Porvoo to produce Neste MY Renewable Diesel, which provides up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil diesel. We are able to produce renewable diesel and other renewable products from just about any kind of waste fat, grease or vegetable oil.”

Meeting the target would result in the production of enough fuel to ‘drive four times around the globe’.

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