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Finland thinks circular economy 24/7


There is one country that generates a sustainable stream of stories on the circular economy – it’s already pretty obvious we’re talking about Finland.

It has startups pioneering solutions on food waste; global companies spearheading sustainable solutions for industry; and a national roadmap – the first in the world – to help speed up the transition to a circular system. And fittingly, Helsinki recently hosted the World Circular Economy Forum – as it is quickly establishes as the de facto champion for mainstreaming the circular economy.

Now one of its world-renowned universities, Aalto University, is part of a €5 million collaboration project to make ‘Finland the model country for the circular economy of metals’.

“Our aim is to progress towards perfect recycling of metals and good business. It is our task to use research to broaden what is profitable for industry. This can happen if we develop novel processes either stand alone or integrated to the primary metal production to produce new metal products,” explained Aalto University Professor Mari Lundström. “More effective recycling would reduce the need for mining and energy consumption.”

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