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Final call for ‘real food’ innovators


It is the final day to apply to become a ‘real food entrepreneur’ and spend 12 months working inside bespoke shipping containers located in the heart of Brooklyn.

Square Roots is an urban food accelerator, led by innovators including Kimbal Musk, that provides a platform to those passionate about growing the indoor farming industry.

The “campus of indoor, controlled climate, hydroponic farms” will welcome ten people – for the second season of the accelerator – “who can commit to living in New York for the year and want to bring real food to New Yorkers.” Kimbal blogged.

Initiatives like these are crucial. According to UN figures the global population is expected to hit close to 10 billion – up from 7.2 billion today – by 2050, with two-thirds projected to be urban. So conventional farming methods won’t be able to meet demand. That’s why the indoor farming market is expected to be worth in excess of $6 billion by 2022, according to  Market Research Engine‘s report: Vertical Farming Market by Growth Mechanism, Functional Mechanism and by Geography – Global Forecast to 2022.

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Join the ‘real food’ revolution

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