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Fifty US cities back clean power

Fifty American cities have now pledged to move towards getting their energy from 100% renewable sources.

Truckee has the honour of being the location that achieves the new landmark, joining cities like San Diego and San Francisco in committing to 100% clean energy.

“Truckee’s commitment to 100% clean energy including electricity, heating, and transportation is good for our community and our planet. Our town is on the front lines of climate change and we understand how serious this is. Reducing our emissions will create jobs and long-term economic sustainability as we uphold our responsibility as stewards of the environment,” Truckee Mayor Morgan Goodwin said in a statement.

Truckee says it will be using 100% clean electricity across the town by 2030, and that all energy sources will be 100% clean by 2050.

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, a Co-Chair of Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, added: “By committing to 100 percent clean energy, cities like Salt Lake City and Truckee are sending a message that we care about the health and prosperity of the people in our communities. Clean energy is the future, and cities that make the investment today are not only helping to protect the environment, they are positioning themselves to be the economic and social powerhouses of tomorrow.”

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