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Fast charging the green jobs market

A Dutch company spearheading fast-charging solutions for electric buses is harnessing the type of green skills that are being promoted across Europe this week.

European Green Week (EU Green Week) started today with the theme of ‘green jobs for a green future’. Organisers have flagged up a number of companies achieving success from developing green jobs, Heliox is one of them. Its technology can charge an electric bus in under five minutes at a ‘turnaround station’ and is being employed in Europe and further afield.

Mark Smidt, business development director of Heliox said: “SMEs are often game changers, we can act quickly and intelligently to put strategies of the European Union into action.”

EU Green Week continues tomorrow with a jobs summit in Brussels as stakeholders seek to promote the green skills needed to build a sustainable economic system.

Watch live throughout the week and check out the partner events that are taking place where you are. There are also plenty of opportunities for everyone to join in on social media.

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