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Fashion fit for the planet

Deadly dyeing processes used to colour clothes are not fit for purpose when it comes to developing sustainable industry solutions for the planet. Contributing 20% of global water pollution – and to countless environmental ills due to the chemicals used – common fabric dyeing techniques need to be swiftly replaced.

Step forward Amsterdam-based Fashion for Good, and the latest theme in its Good Shop: COLOUR. It is currently displaying some of the game changing – and sustainable – methods being employed to colour textiles and footwear. Six brands and designers are being showcased in the shop, including innovations by Belgian designer Mats Rombaut, who is ‘transforming plant-based substances to engineer an organically coloured collection of vegan shoes’.

“Rombaut wants to show fashion can be both exciting and sustainable, that’s why we are thrilled to partner with Fashion for Good and fight for the same cause together,” said Mats Rombaut.

The COLOUR theme also lays out the ways brands including Tommy Jeans, Fjällräven, adidas and POPUPSHOP are spearheading the use of sustainable colouring; and it will inspire three months of aligned initiatives and events at FFG, so if you’re in Amsterdam, get along and see how the future of fashion is being designed at: Rokin 102, 1012 KZ Amsterdam

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