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The art of ‘cognitive creativity’


A cognitive computing platform has generated fascinating insights into some of histories most iconic figures to inspire the artwork in a pioneering new exhibition.

A combination of human creatives and machine learning has produced the original works currently on display at the Cadillac House gallery in New York. The Art with Watson project, sponsored by IBM, showcases how a group of modern artists interpreted the opinion of IBM’s cognitive platform, Watson.

They took the information to develop multi-media portraits of legendary innovators and scientists, including Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Charles Darwin, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Watson digested what they had written and said to give the artists a fresh perspective on their character.

Ann Rubin, IBM Vice President, Branded Content & Global Creative, said: “Like the cognitive dress and song, these works show how artists can interact with Watson to inspire human creativity. The portraits provide unexpected insights into some of the most familiar subjects of our time, and they enable artists to create things they wouldn’t have created without Watson.”

The Art with Watson exhibition is on until May 7.

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