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Over half a million influential decision-makers attend the trade shows, conferences and exhibitions we partner with.

We are the official publisher of the ACHEMA 2018 ‘Biotech for Chemistry’ magazine, an event that attracts more than 170,000. Held every three years, it is the world’s largest trade exhibition for the chemistry industry.

Innovators Magazine is also delighted to be producing a partnership publication for the European Innovation Summit|Week in Brussels, with organisers Knowledge4Innovation, featuring the continent’s top 50 startups.

And as media partners for world-leading events, such as COP23, we distribute a series of tailored publications, which focus on game-changing developments across key sectors and ecosystems, including biotech, technology, renewables, the circular economy, and food and drink. All of our editions benefit from extensive digital distribution.

We also provide bespoke publishing services for brand and value-aligned organisations, get in touch if you would like to discuss.

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EU Top 50 special showcase edition, European Innovation Summit


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Achema 2018 ‘Biotech for Chemistry’ Magazine

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