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Europe’s research + innovation days

The draft programme for the exciting new European Research & Innovation Days initiative – in Brussels – is online. Taking place over three days this September, it is the ‘first annual policy event of the European Commission’ – and will speak to stakeholders involved in all the industries we feature.

“A key challenge for Europe is delivering the next great transition of our economy, society and planet to secure a sustainable future that ensures the wellbeing of citizens,” the European Commission website states. “The event will be central to finding research and innovation solutions for this great transition by working across polices, setting the direction, spurring innovation and triggering investment. It will be the moment for all stakeholders to meet and co-create the strategic priorities for the European Commission’s investment in research and innovation.”

Sign up for event updates from the commission, including registration details, for the inaugural research and innovation days programme, taking place from 24 to 26 September at the Kanal centre Pompidou. And check out hashtag RiDaysEU for all the latest.

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