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Europeans make wind energy pledge


European leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to offshore wind energy at a major industry event in London.

A joint statement signed at today’s opening of Offshore Wind Energy 2017 by government representatives from Germany, Belgium and Denmark, supports the increased deployment of offshore power and the ongoing efforts to further reduce its costs.

The focus is on maintaining Europe’s lead through the 2020s by encouraging nations across the continent to work hard to guarantee a minimum of 4GW is deployed annually during the next decade.

“More than ever, we need countries to coordinate and lay out a clear vision. A visible and steady pipeline of projects between 2020 and 2030 will allow for continued cost reductions, a thriving supply chain and continued European leadership in an increasingly international market for offshore wind. We welcome the joint statement and call on other governments to commit to robust volumes,” said Samuel Leupold, CEO, DONG Energy Wind Power.

The signatories are united in their desire to advance public-private initiatives that drive investments in new projects. And they want the European Commission to offer funding to help develop them.

“With this Joint Statement, leading businesses and governments are taking the next step by committing to cooperate on the deployment of big volumes for offshore wind energy.  Today’s statement is a clear recognition of the strategic importance of offshore wind as a clean, competitive and reliable energy source for Europe,” added Giles Dickson, CEO WindEurope.

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