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Europeans have say on environment

Europeans are passionate about protecting the environment and are doing their bit to tackle plastic waste, according to a new poll.

The Eurobarometer survey on attitudes to the environment saw 28,000 EU citizens take part in face-to-face interviews in their homes, as part of the European Commission-led initiative. And 94% said protecting the environment was important to them personally.

Plastics were of particular concern to those polled.

“Three in four Europeans (74%) agree that they are worried about the impact on their heath of everyday products made of plastic, including 34% who totally agree. There is even greater consensus on the impact of plastic products on the environment. The vast majority of respondents (87%) agree that they are worried about this, including 45% who totally agree,“the report says.

And 72% of the people interviewed said they are taking action by cutting down on using plastic bags.

Read the full report for the range of views submitted.

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