|12 August 2016|


A leading UK bioeconomy consultancy is joining a pioneering European project designed to boost the innovative strengths of the industry across the continent.

The UK’s National Non-Food Crops Centre, NNFCC is joining the multi-million euro SuperBio project to support industrial innovation within the EU bioeconomy. The €3.8 project aims to build at least 10 new value chains around innovative and promising ideas from the business community.

The SuperBIO consortium includes four industrial cluster organisations, and six service providers including NNFCC. To further innovate in the EU bioeconomy, it is developing new partnerships and connections between different sectors. SuperBio also supports cross sectorial and cross border industrial value chain building and provides innovation support services to SMEs.

This project offers a unique opportunity to bring innovative, sustainable, cross border and cross sectorial value chains closer to the market.