The European Commission laid out plans today to spend €1 billion in advancing the continent’s supercomputer capabilities.

It will invest around half this amount, with member states contributing the other 50%, in a move designed to make Europe’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure world-class. The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking platform will also finance research and development into developing the hardware and software required to realise this ambition.

Supercomputers are needed to process the increased data being created across a range of industries; to enable faster and more effective solutions in areas including precision medicines, cybersecurity, climate change and clean energy.

“Supercomputers are the engine to power the digital economy. It is a tough race and today the EU is lagging behind: we do not have any supercomputers in the world’s top-ten. With the EuroHPC initiative we want to give European researchers and companies world-leading supercomputer capacity by 2020 – to develop technologies such as artificial intelligence and build the future’s everyday applications in areas like health, security or engineering,” explained Andrus Ansip, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market.