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Europe eyes strong renewables target

A committee of the European Parliament has called for binding renewable energy targets of 35% by 2030.

The Industry Committee, led by Spanish MEP, José Blanco López, made its recommendations today. And the vote supporting the 35% goal was welcomed by industry body, WindEurope.

“We commend MEP Blanco López and his colleagues for securing agreement on a 35% renewables target. It is not only affordable but also economically desirable,” said Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope. “But ambition on the target only is not enough. Visibility on deployment volumes to 2030 also remains crucial to sustain wind energy’s contribution to the EU economy. In this light it’s very good the Committee adopted a five-year upfront schedule for public support to renewables. Knowing what the volume, timing and budget of renewable energy auctions is going to be helps the industry plan its investments in the supply chain. It secures economies of scale and brings down costs.”

And he praised the committee for its positive language on investment protections.

“Regulatory stability remains the bedrock of investor confidence and the strong industrial base of wind energy across the EU,” he added.

The next steps will see the Council of the EU set out its position next month, ahead of another vote in the European Parliament in January.

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