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Energy tech revolution gathers pace


A new alliance has been launched with the aim of accelerating renewable energy adoption through digitalisation.

Envision Energy, Microsoft and Accenture make up the ‘Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance’ – which will provide an open innovation platform to connect ‘energy pioneers and technology innovators’.

Envision founder and CEO, Lei Zhang said: “The old energy paradigm is breaking down and will be replaced by a new era of energy. Envision is leading a global energy technology revolution in an open and collaborative way. The purpose of this alliance is to accelerate the digital transition and solve challenges through great team work. Together we are dedicated to making the new era of beautiful energy a near-term reality.”

More innovative companies are expected to join the alliance.

“The powerful combination of Microsoft’s Cloud and Envision’s IoT platform will help millions of enterprises and consumers in hundreds of cities across the world to embrace digital transformation, creating a new benchmark for the entire energy industry,” added Alan Crozier, Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region.


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