|28 October 2016|


Dong Energy achieved a renewables milestone this week when it commissioned its 1000th offshore wind turbine. The installation at the German offshore wind farm Gode Wind 2 is a record breaking landmark for the energy giant.

And between now and 2020 the company is set to construct even more offshore wind capacity than it has built in the last quarter of century as the transition to sustainable energy worldwide gathers pace.

Anders Lindberg, Senior Vice President responsible for the construction of offshore wind farms at DONG Energy, said: “In the space of only a few years, offshore wind has evolved from being a niche technology to being recognised as a reliable and clean energy source supplying power on utility scale and playing an important role in the green transformation of the energy sector. With 1,000 offshore wind turbines, we have a unique level of experience of constructing and operating ‘power plants’ at sea, and this is crucial to ensuring that we can continue to reduce the costs of green electricity from offshore wind.”