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‘Electronic skin’ good for your health

A team of international researchers has developed a wearable device – dubbed electronic skin – which could “be developed into an entire medical system”.

The flexible ‘electronic skin microsystem’ can monitor a variety of health data and send it wirelessly to a smartphone. The self-adhesive patch can be worn anywhere on the body and is the latest tech-inspired healthcare innovation.

“Combining big data and artificial intelligence technologies, the wireless biosensors can be developed into an entire medical system which allows portable access to collection, storage, and analysis of health signals and information. We will continue further studies to develop electronic skins which can support interactive telemedicine and treatment systems for patients in blind areas for medical services such as rural houses in mountain village,” explained lead researcher Kyung-In Jang, a professor of robotics engineering at South Korea’s Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST).

Using increasingly complex biosensors to transform wearables into mobile medical systems is a growing trend which has the potential to transform healthcare.

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