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Electromobility in the spotlight


The 10th anniversary European Innovation Summit (EIS) opens its doors this coming Monday.

Innovators Magazine will be there as a media partner covering the landmark event held annually by Knowledge4Innovation. The packed programme includes a plenary session, titled: Making the Most of Opportunities in Electromobility, being held in cooperation with the Technology Partners Foundation (TPF).


Developments in electrification of transport, especially road and rail, seem to offer great scope for decarbonisation and improved efficiency. Many organisations are working hard to push forward these developments. Ambitions are high – for example, the many national targets for the elimination of hydrocarbon-fueled road vehicles. But what, realistically, can we expect, and when? What changes, in policy, economy and society, are needed to make sure that we see the promised benefits of innovation and new technology in electromobility?

The aim of this debate is to understand the opportunities and the consequences of the introduction of new propulsion systems in ground vehicles, to separate myths from reality, to explore different points of view about the role of the public sector and, in particular, to look at the implications for future EU and Member State policy on electromobility.


We will bring you all the takeaways from this 28 November session during the high-profile research and innovation policy summit. Read Impact Innovators, produced in collaboration with Knowledge4Innovation, for a preview of the Summit – on from 26 to 29 November in the European Parliament. And sign up for our updates for the best EIS news straight to your inbox.

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