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Electric buses hit European roads

Der Citaro mit vollelektrischem Antrieb durchläuft zurzeit den gleichen umfangreichen Test- und Erprobungszyklus wie jeder andere Omnibus von Mercedes-Benz. Prototypen haben zum Beispiel erfolgreich eine erste Wintererprobung bei eisigen Temperaturen am Polarkreis und eine Sommererprobung in der Hitze der spanischen Sierra Nevada absolviert. The Citaro with all-electric drive is currently being put through the same comprehensive cycle of trials and testing to which every other bus built by Mercedes-Benz is subjected. Prototypes have, for example, already successfully undergone initial winter testing in icy temperatures at the Arctic circle as well as summer testing in the heat of Spain's Sierra Nevada.

European nations are beginning to incorporate electric buses into their public transport systems.

The Citaro electric buses from Mercedes-Benz, powered by lithium‑ion batteries, will be on the roads of the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region of Germany from the end of next year. EvoBus, a subsidiary of the car giant, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Rhein‑Neckar‑Verkehr GmbH (rnv), a public transport company, to make this happen.

Martin in der Beek, Technical Director of rnv, said: “We as a company want to do much more than just move with the times and react. We want to actively shape the growth of electric mobility in local public transport. In EvoBus, we have found a powerful and important partner, to test the benefits of the technology and the appropriate operating strategies in everyday service, together with our passengers.”

And Scania is using the northern Swedish city of Östersund as a testing ground for its new electric buses this winter. While a pioneering Dutch company is spearheading fast-charging solutions for electric buses.

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