|12 September 2016|


A leading data analytics company has rebranded and moved into one of Europe’s fastest growing technology incubators.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, the award-winning  Aquila Insight is relocating its operations in the Scottish capital by taking up residence in the former offices of FanDuel in the city’s CodeBase incubator.

Aquila picked up the prestigious DataIQ prize this year ‘Transformation Through Data’ for its work with Sony Mobile as its global reputation continues to grow thanks to its use of the most advanced analytical techniques and cutting edge technology.

Warwick Beresford-Jones, co-founder and managing partner of Aquila Insight, said: “We have big plans to expand further this year and we now have space to do it. The move, alongside the rebrand and our recent award wins, marks the start of an exciting new phase in Aquila Insight’s history. As we move into new markets, we are always on the look out for young talent and experienced practitioners to work on a number of exciting projects.”