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eCycling growing in popularity

Every statistic out there highlights the increasing global demand there is for electronics but what about the e-waste that goes with it?

Nations and industries worldwide are working on a whole range of projects to find new ways of using old electronics in a bid to prevent them ending up in landfill and impacting negatively on the environment.

The organisers of the Japanese Olympics, for example, are asking people do donate their obsolete electronics so they can be recycled into the gold, silver and bronze that will adorn the winning athletes.

While in America, it was announced this week by the Consumer Technology Association that “four billion pounds of consumer electronics (CE) have been recycled since 2010,” thanks to the eCycling Leadership Initiative (ELI). ELI brings together stakeholders in the US that are striving to increase public awareness around things like drop off points for unwanted electronic goods. The aim is also to engage with the public by providing information on how ecycling efforts are going.

“As consumer demand grows for the latest consumer tech products, so does our industry’s commitment to increasing sustainability,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “We want to make recycling your older tech devices as easy as purchasing new ones. And through the eCycling Leadership Initiative, we’ve proven how technology manufacturers and retailers are having a real impact on improving the environment. Ensuring a healthy planet for future generations to enjoy our greatest innovations isn’t just smart business – it’s essential to the future of the consumer technology industry.”

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New alchemy of the digital age: turning e-waste into gold 

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