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Eating food in the 21st century


It is very much a case of ‘the times they are a changin’ when it comes to 21st century eating habits. Technology and social media are completely transforming the restaurant experience, according to a study by American Express.

Trends revealed in the 2017 American Express Restaurant Trade Survey are in line with what might be expected when it comes to generational preferences. The research, which focussed on the American market, reveals a nation where millennials are enthusiastic adopters of tech, with two-thirds using apps to order takeaway food, compared to 28% of baby boomers. Around 40% of millennials also favour restaurants with digital customer service platforms, and nearly three quarters of them share their restaurant experiences via social media.

Stan Chia, CEO of online ordering platform Grubhub, said: “The survey results confirm what we’ve long heard, especially from our Millennial diners: that consumers value being able to order the foods they love, on mobile or desktop, from their favorite local restaurants. Online ordering and delivery not only meet the expectations of today’s busy, convenience-minded diners, but also drive order volume and increase revenue for restaurants. A trusted partner is essential to ensuring that restaurateurs spend their time making food and focusing on the diner experience, rather than managing and delivering orders.”

Delivery robots, such as those developed by Starship Technologies are also hitting American, as well as European streets, with Domino’s Pizza one popular chain using this new method.

Credit: Starship Technologies



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